Advising on the prevention and management of business risks for our clients


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We offer services in Privacy, Compliance, Cybersecurity, Digital Law, Compliance Software and Cyberintelligence

  • Design and improvement of Compliance Programs consultancy
  • Audit and supervision of the Compliance model
  • Implementation of Compliance management tools
  • Support to the Compliance Officer, operation of the management system
  • Implantación y monitorización de canales de whistleblowing
  • Third-party Compliance
  • Adequacy to the fulfillment of certifications
  • Compliance Training and awareness
  • Consultancy for GRC models: Criminal Prevention, Tax Compliance, Labor, Competition, Telecom.
  • Corporate Governance
  • Non-financial risks
  • CSR and Sustainability
  • Consultancy to Companies
  • New technological phenomena: Blockchain, Bitcoin, IoT, Robotics, IA, Big Data, eSports
  • Startups
  • Comprehensive legal advice on the digital transformation of companies
  • Technology Compliance: LSSI, Electronic Signature, eAdmin
  • Protection of intangible assets: intellectual property, industrial property, domains
  • Litigation
  • Contractual Review
  • Counter-Audits against Software vendors
  • Software program audits
  • Conflict resolution
  • Internal investigations
  • Diligences prior to merger contracts
  • Identification of business opportunities and synergies after the merger
  • Identification and analysis of contracts for the fulfillment of new norms.

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Our methodology: Fusion of Law and Mathematics

In order for companies to be able to prevent and manage their business risks and obtain legal security, we apply artificial intelligence and predictive models based on a scientific methodology developed in collaboration with the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. See more

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