Cultura Compliance soluciones innovadoras para fomentar la cultura de cumplimiento

Innovative solutions to promote the compliance culture


For managers who have to train and make the organisation aware of compliance issues: Compliance Officer, DPO, CISO, Training Managers, etc. 

WHY Cultura Compliance

  • The content has been developed by experts
  • Contents are interactive and dynamic with the possibility of personalization
  • At the end of the training action you obtain traceability and legal evidence through exhaustive reports

Train, raise awareness, and demonstrate it

Cultura Compliance allows to demonstrate the actions carried out through certificates and follow-up reports.

Our training is aimed at the following profiles


Senior Management, Managing Directors, etc.

Compliance Officers

DPO, Compliance Officers, CISOs, etc.


Employees with Internet access and without access.

How we do it

eLearning Platform





State-of-the-art security

All our tools are deployed on AWS (Amazon Web Service) infrastructure using resources deployed in different areas and European CPDs to maximize availability and comply with current data protection regulations.

Today, AWS is the leading IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) service worldwide, well ahead of its competitors (Gartner Magic Quadrant 2019).