The Beauty Concept

The Beauty Concept

Centers specialized in beauty and aesthetic medicine

The Beauty Concept, is a world open to wellness, beauty and health, through a unique and very personalized attention, which sets us apart from the rest.

Paz Torralba

We believe that there is only one way to understand wellness, beauty and health: knowing each person deeply and personally.

We propose to take care of beauty from the inside of oneself to the outside, and this requires a personalized diagnosis and apply a unique protocol designed especially for each client.

To achieve this goal, we seek excellence by forming multi-disciplinary teams from different areas and using the latest monitoring and digital health innovations.

At The Beauty Concept we offer our clients a new concept in beauty and health treatments.

In The Beauty Concept we believe in the science of beauty, innovation and personalization.


In its eagerness to innovate and diversify, Ecix participates in the first firm that merges science and beauty with the aim of bringing the most innovative antiaging techniques and the most advanced medical treatments to the area of beauty and wellness / personal care.