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From Ecix Group we observe with some concern how two branches that should be increasingly intertwined, each day are further away. We refer to Science and Law.

Javier Naharro

Our eLab was born to respond to this problem by being conceived as a think tank on Law and Technology. In this sense, it will bring together the great thinkers on these subjects to generate interactions, proposals, discussion, ... in short: ideas. We want it to be the epicenter of all discussions involving both disciplines.

And hence its name: eLab. ELab is the chosen denomination since we believe that it must be a laboratory of ideas, where the limits and interactions of the elements that compose both disciplines should be tested.

New Initiatives

Ecuaciones Legales

We believe that organizations must know and manage their legal security objectively knowing the probability of suffering a penalty for non-compliance with a rule or law.

With this knowledge, organizations can reliably and effectively prevent, control and mitigate legal risks to avoid a penalty.

For this reason we have decided to be pioneers in bringing law and mathematics together as a new discipline using the latest techniques of Data Mining and Analysis, and Big Data.

With our collaboration between the eLab and the Faculty of Mathematics of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid we have developed an algorithm that allows us to assess the legal risk situation of an organization.

Research project with Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain)

Ecix and the Department of Applied Mathematics of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, collaborate in the research project "Statistical evaluation of normative non-compliance", whose objective is to assess the vulnerability of companies regarding non-compliance with the standards to which they are bound.

The set of norms to which any company is bound are classified according to the different administrative agencies of control, identifying and determining statistically the risks, as well as predicting the probability of sanction in which a company can incur with respect to each norm.