Firm specialized in Compliance Software Value

A firm that acts as a trusted third party in the definition and management of software compliance programs within the framework of Selft Audit Software policies. Go one step beyond SAM.

What do we do?

CSV, a service firm specialized in software compliance, was born from the sum of Ecix's entire experience in Compliance programs, with the most experience in compliance software reviews. Our position is always " trusted third party ", guaranteeing the objectivity and independence of a compliance software programs tailored to each of our clients. Always starting from the consideration of the use license, as an intangible business asset.

Only two years after its creation as an area with its own entity within Ecix Group, the company has become a benchmark in the management of software compliance programs for the financial sector. In 2017 we have begun the process of internationalization of our presence, already counting on the first experiences of clients outside of Spain.

Javier Garmendia

We are aware of the importance of controlling and minimizing the legal risks derived from the Software, due to the impact of non-compliance with the licensing requirements for companies.

To achieve this, we have developed a program that includes all the processes necessary to evade the responsibility derived from intellectual property crimes, as well as to minimize legal risks due to audits of the manufacturers.

We keep under control the legal risks derived from the software, the knowledge about the computer installation and the audits of the software manufacturers.

eCSV offers our customers the processes to generate a security situation in software, with a self-review system verified by a third party, generating and guarding the evidence.

Carlos Garmendia


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