Firm specialized in Compliance and Ciberderecho.

We implement innovative methodologies that provide the customer with a different experience and great value. Ecix is a leading Firm in the areas of Compliance, Cybersecurity and Cyberlaw which offers specialized legal services and develops solutions that no one has done before.

Esmeralda Saracibar

Our vocation has a different customer orientation, we are not "for" the customers but we are "with" the customers.

Undoubtedly, in a market so dynamic and demanding this is possible thanks to the motivation of our team to be in the vanguard and to know in depth the latest regulatory developments.

Examples of this are cases such as the new European Data Protection Regulation, new obligations for e-government, Contracting of Cloud environments, Protection of Critical Infrastructures, Cyber-intelligence, the Prosecutor's Circular on Criminal Responsibility of legal persons or the new compliance standards such as ISO 19600, ISO 37001 and UNE 19601, which require very important know-how and expertise.

Carlos Rodríguez Sau


We have more than 18 years of experience advising our clients against the conflicts and problems they face, Offering help in finding possible solutions in an increasingly complex world.


We provide consulting services and implementation of Criminal and Corporate Compliance systems, both in small and medium-sized companies and in multinationals that require more complex and powerful systems.