Cultura Compliance

Cultura Compliance

Firm specialized in awareness and training

Creating a culture of regulatory compliance in an organization should be attractive and enjoyable as well as effective.

Carlos Sáiz

Therefore, our methodology is based on the creativity and gamification to move the messages to the organization, in a simple, direct and fun way; Complying with the requirements established in the different regulations.

With Cultura Compliance, we help companies to implement awareness plans in the area of Compliance, Information Security, Risks, Internal Policies, Ethical Codes, ... and how to demonstrate their implementation.

What do we do in Cultura Compliance?

Online Services

Tutored platform

We prepare and adapt the contents of the training to the technical specifications and standards of the internal platform of our clients.

Audiovisual storytelling

Stories and videos that reflect a concrete problem and its corresponding teaching, immersing the users in a universe with characters and plots.

Infographics and tips

Infographics are very visual schemas (using images, icons, etc.) that develop certain concepts, services, processes, etc.


The webinar is an online training option that allows us to reach, simultaneously, users who are in different places.

Online Gamification

We integrate the game into the training or awareness campaigns, making employees and managers face challenges.

Traceability and reports

The dissemination actions that we carry out in Cultura Compliance can be complemented with tests of follow-up, acceptance and usage and with evaluation reports.

Offline Services

Game-Based workshops

Workshops are training sessions for company personnel, in which knowledge is imparted in line with the organization's internal compliance plans and codes.

Specific training

We conduct training and awareness sessions on content related to the Code of Conduct, Internal Policies or monographs on crime prevention, compliance, data protection, information security, etc. designed and directed to the managers and certain groups of risk of the company.

Offline Gamification

We design gamification proposals for clients by making employees and managers face challenges and knowledge in a more attractive gaming environment than the more traditional training and awareness channels.


Small plays to tell stories and generate an impact on the company, which can be part of a workshop or a corporate event, such as Compliance or Security Day.


Encounters held in the corporate environment and addressed to all employees of the company or a particular group, with the aim of creating an unforgettable experience for all attendees and reinforce the messages of training or awareness campaigns of the company.


Support material for delivery in Workshops, events or to complete training and awareness campaigns, with the corporate image of the company and with messages of reinforcement referring to the content of the campaigns.