Firm specialized in Cyberproblems of internet is a project that is born from the eLab of Ecix Group with the vocation to analyze the cyberproblems that arise in the internet and to propose real solutions, from cyber as well as territorial perspective.

Guillermo Cernuda

Cyberlaw is a new discipline born of the rise of the internet and cyberspace, which has become an unprecedented revolution.

Traditional law regulates the social order of physical territories through laws and regulations of a permanent and obligatory nature created by States. But cyberspace sets an unprecedented paradigm. It is an unregulated space, where the law does not reach or is able to effectively order because of its local character. This is the object of the study of this new discipline, where we wanted to be the pioneers analyzing and treating all these aspects.

The project is developed through the website where all the material of dissemination such as the analysis, the practical cases, or the news is collected, and from which the services that the equipment of Ciberderecho are also offered daily to all users who come for help or advice.

Cyberspace establishes a new paradigm: It is not the law that governs the internet but the internet that governs the law.

Miriam García

Protection Services

We provide advisory services in the field of erasure of information, Company brand defense, impersonation, set-up of your online store, cyber bullying...

Legal Defense specialized in Digital Law

We offer advice and defense in legal proceedings by experts in Digital Law, because if your case is related to the internet and new technologies, you need a multidisciplinary expert team with technical and legal knowledge to help you solve your case.

Cyberprotection Service

Electronic Cyber-Testing Service